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Avicenna predicts COVID-19 impact

Avicenna is a global pandemic model of infectious disease spread which unmasks the unknowns of COVID-19 to help organizations unprepared for the impact of today's crisis. By making our predictive modeling free to the public, Lucd is helping organizations such as federal, state and local agencies, hospitals, education departments and businesses by providing actionable intelligence in this battle.

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Avicenna uniquely and powerfully provides actionable business intelligence for predicting impacts of COVID-19 on workforces and the population at large. 


Lucd is providing Avicenna to the public for FREE.

Avicenna is a predictive global pandemic model which combats the unknowns of COVID-19 and helps organizations which are not fully pre-pared for the impact of today's crisis.

Avicenna leverages population data at the census tract level (neighborhood level) and includes key factors of individual mobility and human behavior. 

Avicenna provides Decision Support through What-If analysis.  Modelers construct scenarios of disease, human behavior and planning and preparation 


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